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The Most Effective Dermatitis Treatment

dry skin eczema treatment

Eczema, also known as dermatitis, is a very common skin disease that causes inflammation of the skin where it becomes dry, red, itchy, and scaly ̶ sometimes leaving the skin to blister and crack. Dr. Brian Mekelburg of Los Angeles provides several dermatitis treatments that are available based on your cause of eczema.

Understanding Eczema and Dermatitis

There are many theories as to what actually causes this itchy skin condition, with the most common being genetics, allergies, chemicals, and foods.

Types of dermatitis:

  • Atopic dermatitis
    The most common form of eczema that is inherited, and may be associated with allergies.
  • Irritant contact dermatitis
    Caused by harsh soaps, rubbing alcohol, or other irritants.
  • Allergic contact dermatitis
    An allergic reaction caused by a substance. Nickel is the most common form of contact dermatitis. Nickel-containing metals such as cheap jewelry, and even silver should be avoided.

I had a very serious skin condition and Dr. Brian Mekelburg solved my issues. The Staff was fantastic at getting me a coupon and calling my medication in and saving me a lot of money. I highly recommend Dr. Mekelburg.

- Emily D.

Please note that results may vary from patient to patient.

Eczema and Skin Care

Once a rash has started, the skin is so itchy that we scratch it. Scratching makes the itching worse, so we scratch even more! Scratched and inflamed skin may be open to infection, as the skin barrier has been breached. To break the itch-scratch cycle, apply a cool wet compress or soothing creams and lotions to calm the inflammation. Sometimes over-the-counter moisturizers or anti-itch lotions are helpful. Other times, topical medications, including, cortisone preparations are needed. There are non-cortisone prescription ointments and creams which may also be used. For more severe cases, Dr. Brian Mekelburg may prescribe cortisone to be given orally, or with a shot. Topical or oral antibiotics are sometimes necessary to treat eczema, which has become infected.

Contact Dr. Brian Mekelburg in Los Angeles today, for a comprehensive exam and consultation of your eczema. We’ll provide the most effective dermatitis treatment for your symptoms.

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