consider laser hair removal

Why You Should Consider Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving, waxing or plucking unwanted hairs; then maybe it’s time to consider laser hair removal.  

How does it work?

A specific wavelength of light energy is pulsed onto the treatment area. The light energy is absorbed by the pigment in dark hairs; it travels down to the hair follicles and damages them. With each treatment the hairs will take longer to grow back and the hairs will grow back finer.

Does it hurt?

It feels like a rubber band snap. Certain areas on the body are more sensitive than others, like the upper lip and bikini area. Most offices offer a numbing cream that is applied for 30-60 minutes before the treatment session. The numbing cream helps to make the laser hair removal session more comfortable. The laser also has a cooling system attached to it, so you will feel a soothing stream of cold air over the area being treated.

What are the possible risks?

Redness, swelling, and possibly a burn from the laser are risks. If a burn does occur, it could lead to pigment change and has the potential to scar.

Does it work on blond hairs?

No, the laser will not work on blond or white hairs. The laser is directed at pigment, so it works on black and medium to dark brown hairs.

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatment sessions varies. It could take anywhere between three and eight sessions. Each session is separated by four to six weeks. You will notice that after each laser hair removal session the hair will take longer to grow back and will be finer.

Do I need to shave before the treatment?

Yes, but a little stubble is needed for the laser to work.

How long does a treatment session take?

The length of a session depends on the size of the treatment area. A session can be as short as five minutes for example for an upper lip or as long as an hour for a full back or legs.

Expectations and Aftercare

After the session, a cold compress or soothing Aloe Vera is often applied. The treated area may look and feel like a mild sunburn for a day or two, so it is important to moisturize the skin and to wear sunscreen in the days following the session.

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