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How does melanoma spread?

Skin cancer is a type of cancer that should not be taken lightly. Especially melanoma. While this is not the most common type of skin cancer, it can be deadly. This is primarily due to the spreading of cancer that can occur. Dr. Brian P. Mekelburg and his team in Los Angeles, CA, can not only evaluate areas of concern to look for signs of cancer but also recommend treatment after completing a biopsy and receiving a positive result.

Does melanoma spread?

The short answer is that melanoma can spread, but this doesn’t happen as often as may be led to believe. Melanoma is most likely to grow and spread quickly than other types of skin cancer. But if you catch it early, it’s still highly treatable.

When melanoma begins in the outermost layer of skin, it’s called superficial spreading melanoma. This type of melanoma grows slowly and is less likely to spread. However, if the cancer cells go deeper into your skin, it’s called invasive melanoma. These cells are more likely to spread to other parts of your body through your bloodstream or lymphatic system. When this happens, it is serious. It can be difficult to treat at this point and can be deadly. But if you catch it early, your chances of successful treatment are much higher.

If you’re worried about melanoma, talk to Dr. Brian P. Mekelburg. He can help you figure out if you’re at risk and what you can do to protect yourself. Additionally, he can make recommendations regarding how often to have skin cancer screenings at his practice and what to look for as possible indications that cancer has developed. With an evaluation, biopsy, and proper diagnosis, you can catch problems such as melanoma as soon as possible to undergo effective treatment and avoid the spread.

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